[ANN] Hilite 0.3.0

Hello :wave:

Happy to announce a new release of hilite, a small library to perform build-time syntax highlighting of some common (in the OCaml world) programming languages. Hilite performs the syntax highlighting on OCaml.org (see for example Lists ยท OCaml Tutorials). It has a useful Hilite.Md.transform function which will rewrite code blocks for you (i.e. transform : Omd.doc -> Omd.doc). I may, in the not too distant future, drop Omd in favour of Cmarkit.

Happy highlighting :camel: :art:


The not too distant future is here! Hilite 0.4.0 now uses Cmarkit instead of Omd for the underlying Markdown library. This is in very large part thanks to Outreachy contributions to ocaml.org!