Announcing the New Dark Mode on

Hey folks, :sparkles:

I am happy to announce the launch of the new Dark Mode feature on

This enhancement was led by UX/UI designer @Claire_Vandenberghe, focusing on an intuitive and eye-friendly design suitable for extended use. The implementation of this feature was carried out by Outreachy intern @Seun, spanning from December to March. We are very happy with her work.

This update aims to provide a more comfortable browsing experience, especially for those who prefer a darker interface for reading documentation.

We invite you to explore the new dark mode and report any issues and possible improvements here! :sparkles::heart:


I jumped the gun on this, seems there is one last thing to do: implement dark mode styles on for the package documentation pages. :see_no_evil:

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Thanks from the bottom of my retinas!

:sparkles: After adding the missing package documentation dark mode styles, I just merged this:


Just today on stream I mentioned dark mode not being there and now we have it. Kudos :sparkles:

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