[ANN] First release of mastodon-archive-viewer (0.1)

Hello everyone,

Mastodon is a decentralized social network similar to Twitter.

One of its many features is to allow people to get their archive as a way to save their posts history in case one server is seized, crashed, or temporary down. It is also useful in case you want to delete an old account but still want to keep its archive.

Here I present you mastodon-archive-viewer which is a tool that takes a mastodon archive, previously exported, downloaded and extracted and gives you an offline web view of it.

If you want to give it a try, mastodon-archive-viewer is now available on opam, and comes with a filter system to view only parts of your archive.

$ opam install mastodon-archive-viewer
$ cd <archive-directory-previously-extracted>
$ mastodon-archive-viewer outbox.json > archive.html

For the moment this tool is in an early stage of development so don’t hesitate to report bugs or feature requires on the issues tracker.

Happy tooting!

PS: if you are interested in using Mastodon, perhaps a legit choice of instance might be functional.cafe, for example :slight_smile: