"OCaml on Github" bot posting on the fediverse


I’m glad to announce a new bot which might be of interest for people on the Fediverse: the OCaml on Github bot.

This bot checks for events on the ocaml/ocaml Github project and publishes some of them on the Fediverse. By now only some issue events are published (comment creation,deletion,update and opening/closing of issues).

The bot is implemented using an ActivtyPub library not released yet. It acts as a client for a self-hosted federated server developed using the same library. Both should be released soon (maybe february).

Do not hesitate to follow the bot :slight_smile: The server is not a Mastodon server, so you won’t be able to follow it from the html page. You can follow it from this post for example. (Mastodon is not an Activitypub client, but a server capturing users)



It needs some cleaning, doc and release of other libs it depends on. Be patient, it won’t be in the shoes at the foot of the tree :slight_smile: