[ANN] First release of awa-ssh

Dear developers,

first of all happy new year :partying_face:

I’m happy to announce that awa-ssh (GitHub - mirage/awa-ssh: Purely functional SSH library in ocaml.) has just been merged into opam-repository. It is a pure OCaml implementation of the ssh (secure shell, SSH (Secure Shell) - Wikipedia) protocol.

This is the initial release, please report issues you encounter.

It was initially developed by Christiano Haesbaert in 2016, and revived mid-2019 by myself and in 2020 it was migrated to the MirageOS organization on GitHub for further development and maintenance.

Both client and server code are present in the library (pure code in the main awa package), though the awa-lwt package implements only a server, and the awa-mirage package implements only a client. Tests and examples are in the test subdirectory.

The MirageOS client has been successfully used to clone git repositories (on private servers, on GitHub, etc.). It supports apart from RSA keys also ED25519 keys (and key exchanges).

You can install it with opam install awa.