[ANN] Farfadet 0.2

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce a new release of farfadet.0.2, available for installation via OPAM.

Farfadet is a little library on top of faraday to provide a better API to describe how to serialize an OCaml value with the faradet back-end (used for example in httpaf). This release does not have a big change, it’s just a compatibility change from the last version of faraday.0.5.0.

However, like furl or printf, this library could be a good introduction and real use case of GADT. Indeed, this library use GADT to construct what eval expects as arguments. Thus, this library provide a type-safe way to encode an OCaml value.

A good start to understand how to construct a GADT in this use-case, I can advise to read this good article from @Drup.

Enjoy with it!