[ANN] esy@0.6.0 release

We’ve just released a new version of esy. You can install it with npm:

$ npm install -g esy@0.6.0

esy is a package.json driven workflow for native development with Reason/OCaml (and even C/C++). It provides per-project build environments which are isolated from each other but share underlying build caches so creating new environments is cheap.

This release is a result of work by 28(!) contributors who contributed features, fixes and documentation updates. Thank you!

While 0.6.0 is mainly about “quality-of-life” improvements it also got few new features including a basic support for garbage collection of unused build artifacts.

For more info see a blog post by @prometheansacrifice which highlights important updates in 0.6.0.


Indeed, we are very thankful for the contributions. Many OCamlers actively reported and investigated issues, provided valuable feedback and raised PRs. Thank you!


Congrats and thank you to everyone for the contributions!