[ANN] Docfd 3.0.0: TUI multiline fuzzy document finder

Hi all, I am happy to announce Docfd 3.0.0, which adds a non-interactive search mode and support of DOCXs and other file formats via pandoc, as well as many polishes.


Think interactive grep for text files, PDFs, DOCXs, etc, but word/token based instead of regex and line based, so you can search across lines easily.

Docfd aims to provide good UX via integration with common text editors and PDF viewers, so you can jump directly to a search result with a single key press.


Navigating repo:

Quick search with non-interactive mode:

PDF navigation:


Wow this is so cool!

Would be awesome to grep ocaml documentation this way.

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Thank you! I just finished making search be done in a background thread, so search is asynchronous w.r.t. the UI, allowing search cancellation and smooth UI.

But I still need to adjust the search algorithm for the case of searching text+code. This is to account for search expressions with heavy use of code symbols, as the high density of code symbols makes search very slow at the default inter-token search distance.

So Iā€™d say next release, it will be good for grepping ocaml documentation.