[ANN] Docfd: TUI fuzzy document finder 1.9.0

I’m happy to share Docfd 1.9.0, which allows you to find and search through text files and PDFs quickly.

Statically linked binary


Navigating repo:


Navigating “OCaml Programming: Correct + Efficient + Beautiful” book PDF and opening it to the closest location to the selected search result via PDF viewer integration:


  • Multithreaded indexing and searching

  • Multiline fuzzy search of multiple files or a single file

  • Swap between multi-file view and single file view on the fly

  • Content view pane that shows the snippet surrounding the search result selected

  • Text editor and PDF viewer integration

Major changes since 0.2.6

  • PDF support and PDF viewer integration

  • Better text editor integration (opens to line containing start of search result in file)

  • On-disk cache of index

  • Proper word wrapping in TUI

  • General optimizations to allow searching relatively large documents