[ANN] cmarkit 0.3.0 – CommonMark parser and renderer for OCaml


There’s a new release of cmarkit, an ISC-licensed CommonMark parser and renderer for OCaml.

This is a bug fix release but it also adds a -f option to cmarkit html to render full-featured documents with all extensions enabled including math rendering and section anchors without hassle with cmarkit html -f mydoc.md > mydoc.html – before that an insane amount of options had to be specified, see cmarkit html --help for details.

All the details are in the release notes. Thanks to @jchavarri and @3Rafal for reporting issues.

Homepage: https://erratique.ch/software/cmarkit
Docs: https://erratique.ch/software/cmarkit/doc (or odig doc cmarkit)
Install: opam install cmarkit

A big thanks to my donators. I welcome and thank the new donator @zbaylin.