[ANN] Brr 0.0.3, a toolkit for programming browsers


It’s my pleasure to announce the release 0.0.3 of Brr, a toolkit for programming browsers in OCaml with the js_of_ocaml compiler.

Once it has made it to the repo, install with opam install brr and consult the API docs and manuals (or via odig doc brr).

Among small additions and fixes, this release brings support for js_of_ocaml 4.0.0. Thanks to Hugo Heuzard (@hhugo) who has made the ground work in js_of_ocaml this means that:

  1. Brr, js_of_ocaml and (soon) gen_js_api JavaScript bindings can now all be used in the same program without problems (issue #2).
  2. You no longer need to specify the -no-check-prim flag at bytecode link time. Linking against the brr library is sufficient, see the build instructions.

The release notes have all the details.



A big thanks to my sponsors. I welcome the new sponsor Skolem Labs.