[ann] binsec 0.9.1

On behalf of the BINSEC team, I am glad to announce that version 0.9.1 now lives in Opam.

As a short introduction, BINSEC is an open-source program analyzer developed at CEA List to help improve software security at the binary level. It has been successfully applied in a number of security-related contexts, such as vulnerability finding, (malware) deobfuscation, decompilation, formal verification of assembly code or even binary-level formal verification.

The version 0.9 refactors the SMT solver API, enabling new kinds of interaction (incremental solving) and paving the way to more support to internal solver bindings (bitwuzla, bitwuzla-cxx, z3).

More information can be found on the website , including publications , tutorials or contacts, but also the description of this release as well as previous ones.