[ANN] Announce Seppo.Social v0.3 and invite thoughts

Hi all,

I am happy to announce yesterday’s release of v0.3 of #Seppo!, the friendly, sustainable, permacomputing inspired alternative to all those heavy microblog servers. Generously funded by #NLnet NLnet; #Seppo!

It’s built to be operated by yourself on commodity shared webspace without requiring much further attention.

Read more at Support | #Seppo! Personal Social Media

Download: Index of /en/downloads/seppo-Linux-x86_64-0.3
Binary: https://Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64-0.3/seppo.cgi
Source: https://Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64-0.3/source.tar.gz
Git: seppo/seppo: Personal Social Web - seppo - Codeberg.org


  • post notes
  • being subscribed to (aka ‘followed’)
  • distribute post to subscribers
  • job queue to do so
  • housekeeping UX (password, profile page, timezone)

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Marcus Rohrmoser

P.S.: There will be :camel: stickers again, soon.