With domains, is anyone actively creating or updating their fault tolerant, let it crash like framework in OCaml?

The Elixir stack makes heavy use of structs and Ecto schema’s which does provide a reasonable simple type matching, just not a rich HM type system. When coupled with testing it works very nicely for both maintenance and building new. It would of course be nice to have a better compile time types.

If I could somehow get exhaustive matching (with or without a stricter type system) I would be extremely happy.

That said, if Caramel were to pick steam back up (I believe it’s development is stopped or paused) I would be even happier.

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Thanks for your reply. Overall did you love/like the Phoenix platform or would you look for another stack for your next project — curious to hear your general assessment…

So many different concerns go into figuring a starting stack for a project. Phoenix is amazing for building a new web product while also growing your team. It would be at the top of my list if the product needed a team to be built and it is web focused.
If I need to really explore a new problem domain and plann on working largely solo I would probably start with something like Zotonic as I’m used to it, and it’s schema model (roughly a semantic triple) allows a safe way to grow and change entities and functionality. That said, it’s probably not a great stack for even a small team. It’s not that desirable to work in for most developers.

For command line/parsing/development tools I probably reach for OCaml.

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