Why does opam on my machine always find 'upstream changes?'

Typical console log (fedora 29) when I tell opam to update and upgrade:

$ opam update

<><> Updating package repositories ><><><><><><>
 [default] synchronised from https://opam.ocaml.org/
Now run 'opam upgrade' to apply any package updates.
$ opam upgrade

The following actions will be performed:
↻ recompile conf-libX11 1 [upstream changes]
↻ recompile conf-dbm 1.0.0 [upstream changes]
↻ recompile graphics 4.07.1 [uses conf-libX11]
↻ recompile dbm 1.2 [uses conf-dbm]
↻ recompile async_graphics 0.6.0 [uses graphics]

It seems that unless there are no changes to https://opam.ocaml.org/, upstream changes for conf-libX11 and conf-dbm are always detected, and a cascade of recompiles of already downloaded and cached packages follows. Is this normal? … desirable? … fixable? …other info?

Is it possible that running ‘dnf update’ (fedora package manager update) somehow causes upstream changes even when no fedora packages both significant and relevant are changed?


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