What Dune stanzas let me create a .cmo?

How do I use Dune to create the .cmo of a print function for ocamldebug that I can load with load_printer? What stanzas do I need?

If your printers are defined as part of your program, they should be built somewhere inside _build. I’ve done something like that in the past:

load_printer "_build/install/default/lib/foo.cma"

A mechanism similar to findlib’s #require would be useful but I don’t think it exists.

If your printers are defined in a separate library, something like that should build them:

dune build _build/install/default/lib/foo.cma

I have the print functions into a separate print.ml file. How do I get Dune to build a .cmo from that? This is what my Dune file looks like now.

 (name default)
 (deps phoebe.bc)

 (name phoebe)
 (libraries unix)
 (modules utility error ast symbol verilog parse grammar lex phoebe)
 (modes (byte exe))

 (modules grammar)
(ocamllex lex)

 (section bin)
 (files (phoebe.bc as phoebe))
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