Video Tutorial: How to Install OCaml on Linux and macOS!

Hello everyone!

I’m part of a group at Tarides that is focusing on creating video tutorials for OCaml. Since everyone learns differently – I myself use videos a lot when learning a new skill or concept – we want to provide different mediums through which people can learn OCaml.

This is our first video and there’s definitely room for improvement! Please let us know what could be better, and if you have any ideas for what we should cover next please share them with us! :smiley:


nice video, I think it is useful!
Small criticism: I found the voice of the speaker not very clear
(btw, what about trying to have a female speaker, for a change?)


This would be nice on I’m making an install video for Windows this week (happy coincidence!), so the major OS-es will be covered for people who like videos rather than text.