Very interested to learn Ocaml, but problems at opam init


I’m sharing my problems getting started with Ocaml in the hope my feedback will help get things improving.

I’m very interested to learn Ocaml, but I always seem to encounter problems even to get started. This time, I’m running an a clean lxd container with ubuntu 18.04. I installed OPAM as described on its install page. But I encounter a problem at the opam init step. This seems to be a problem that has been reported and fixable by editing an opam script.

If my experience is representative, it doesn’t make for a smooth onboarding of new users. Why is a new user confronted with errors when following the recommended installation steps?
If I’m doing something wrong, what’s the recommended way to start with Ocaml then?


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I met the same problem when cooked the docker from Fedora 29 image.

I’ve found the instructions in to be quite reliable.

N.B. Those instructions look like they’re written and tested with opam 1.2 in mind. Anyone who tries to install opam 2 via that guide is probably going to run into the same problems.

thanks all for your answers, even though it shows how confusing Ocaml is for a newcomer.
I might try again later, but I won’t be able to use Ocaml at this time for the project I had in mind.

The problem isn’t OCaml, it’s the documentation given here. For most people, bootstrapping is pretty much as easy as installing a package on their OS.