Utop stops working after crash

I had to terminate utop abnormally due to a program hanging the terminal. Now I am surprised that utop itself just hangs after printing some initial banner (“Welcome to utop version 2.13.1 (using OCaml version 5.1.0)!”) in a new terminal. I checked I don’t have any of the four files mentioned in man utop. I suspect it may have something to do with its history file. Where does utop store command line history?

On a mac the history is stored in ~/.local/state/. It looks to be in order.

Are there any lock files that I should check for?

I did ps -ax |grep utop and found a bunch of suspended utop processes, because the program I ran forked a child process detached from the terminal. I kill -9 ed all of them and now utop appears to be working again.

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