UTop create_implicits not working with Emacs?

I just discovered that one can say UTop.set_create_implicits true to have utop bind results to variables _1, _2 etc. This works well when running utop in a terminal but seems not to when running it from Emacs (ie. with the -emacs command line option) : results still get a - in front of them and no _%i variable seem to exist.

How come ?

I think the reason is that the uTop implementation for Emacs is missing the code to bind implicits, which seems to be a bug?:

See the code to rewrite toplevel expressions in the normal uTop loop:

and the corresponding code in the module implementing Emacs support:

Maybe there’s a reason for this discrepancy? Not sure.

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Thank you. I saw the first snippet by searching for implicits, but I did not realise that the emacs mode would use a different function.

So an issue to Utop it is.

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