Updating dune-universe

The latest update of dune-universe GitHub - dune-universe/dune-universe: All opam packages using dune
is from September 2021.
This is unfortunate because this site shows you how complete Dune
(… and Makefile) files are used in real life applications.
Indeed there are a lot of files but one could, for example,
keep only those created during the last 3 or 4 years.

I think (and may well be wrong) that dune-universe was replaced by opam-overlays in conjunction with opam-monorepo. The relative workflow is documented here


You don’t really have lost anything, because if I see it correctly, then it only contained packages that used dune upstream. These files are still upstream and evolve with their respective projects, so if you want to check how to do something you can still go to e.g. 0install and check their dune files.

opam-overlays is a bit different. Given most packages in OPAM build with dune these days, opam-overlays only provides versions of existing packages that build with dune where the upstream does not use dune (or the dune port is problematic in some way). As we have noted recently this set is shrinking as more packages adopt dune builds upstream, thus don’t need to be included in opam-overlays anymore.