Unbound module Bi_outbuf

I am using atdgen to create json translators. I am getting “Unbound module Bi_outbuf” errors in the generated code. I can’t find any docs about module Bi_outbuf.

Have I failed to install something?

I suspect you’re using yojson 2 (recent!) with atdgen, which might not
be up-to-date with that yet. Yojson2 removed biniou as a dependency,
which is where Bi_outbuf is from. I think.

So rollback to older Yojson or include biniou as a dependency in dune?

Any obvious advantages either way?

Rollback to yojson < 2 should work. Including biniou as a dependency
might work, but maybe atdgen expects yojson to use biniou, which it

A simple dependency didn’t work. Rolling back.

Any reason you need to use atdgen specifically for JSON codecs? Why not use a Yojson PPX like ppx_deriving_yojson or ppx_yojson_conv?

Because I hadn’t heard about them? I will look.

Is there a currently most accepted solution for parsing JSON?

That would probably be yojson: GitHub - ocaml-community/yojson: Low-level JSON parsing and pretty-printing library for OCaml

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Just to clarify–are you asking about parsing as in taking a string as input and producing a JSON structure as output? Or decoding as in, taking a JSON structure as input and producing a custom OCaml type as output?

I am asking about Decoding.

In that case, go with one of the PPXs. They automatically derive encoders/decoders from OCaml type definitions. E.g. say you get a JSON object:

{"a": 1, "b": true, "c": "3"}

You can declare a corresponding type and automatically derive the codec:

type my_type = {
  a : float;
  b : bool;
  c : string;
} [@@deriving yojson]

This will give you a function my_type_of_yojson you can then use to decode JSON values into the custom type.

I recently had the impression adding a ppx had a huge footprint on binary size. (10MB became 20MB with LWT operators so maybe not related to yojson). But watch out in case.

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Maybe if you’re using a lot of them? I just checked and a tool I wrote using ppx_deriving_yojson is 4.1 MB after stripping. It also uses multiple libraries on top of the httpaf stack so it’s doing quite a lot. IMHO this is quite small especially given the usual OCamler attitude of not even blinking an eye at 100 MB Js_of_ocaml payloads served to the browser.

Re: Lwt PPX, IMHO it’s obsolete now with let-ops support.

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I did that. I have tried to use that function and keep getting “unbound value”. I have looked for example code and have not found it.

I am new to OCaml, but not to programming.

With respect to the larger design question, atdgen would be better if it generated more languages, it’s obviously what to use in a multilingual environment. I am tempted to implement it for Elm.

Sounds like something that can be debugged. If you can post a small repro that shows the problem, we can help. Here’s a small working example that I created a while back: GitHub - yawaramin/gen_json_string: Utility to generate fake JSON data from a JSON Schema

EDIT: lots more examples in the tests: ppx_deriving_yojson/test_ppx_yojson.ml at master · ocaml-ppx/ppx_deriving_yojson · GitHub

W.r.t. atdgen, if you are looking for a more widely-supported serialization stack, there are other options like Thrift-JSON, and even GraphQL.

I’m just past hello, world at this point, so things are small, and a bit cargo cultish.

type t =
	capital : float
} [@@deriving of_yojson]

val of_file : string -> t

open Core

let of_file filename =
    In_channel.read_all filename
    |> Yojson.Safe.from_string 
    |> t_of_yojson

Yes, I get tempted by a lot of things I should not do.

Can you show the exact error message and the dune file? We need to know if you are linking in the correct libraries into the build.

jrootham@Doonesbury:~/dev/politics/mchc/murb_model$ dune build
File "lib/project.ml", line 6, characters 7-18:
6 |     |> t_of_yojson
jrootham@Doonesbury:~/dev/politics/mchc/murb_model$ cat lib/dune
 (name murb_model)
 (libraries yojson core))

Your dune file needs to include a preprocess directive (see here) to run the ppx_yojson_conv ppx:

 (name murb_model)
 (preprocess (pps ppx_yojson_conv))
 (libraries yojson core))