Trouble with JSOO modules at

In the past I’ve used the JSOO toplevel at to try out ideas while coding for JSOO. But right now it’s showing errors when I try to do anything fancy. For example if I try to create a regexp I see this:

OCaml version 4.14.0
Compiled with Js_of_ocaml version 4.1.0+9cb30b7
# let re = Regexp.regexp_case_fold "a";;
Line 1:
Error: Corrupted compiled interface

I’ve never noticed this happening in the past so I think it’s probably a new problem.

Any advice would be welcome.

You first need to open Js_of_ocaml.
The error is misleading, It should have been Error: Unbound module Regexp. Can you open an issue on github ?

Fantastic, thanks! I was definitely misled by the error message. I’ll open a github issue.

Edited to add: I made a new github issue for Js_of_ocaml. Hope it was the right place to report :slight_smile: