.travis.yml file for a project using the owl scientific library

As a premise, this may be a complicated thing to do.
I’ve recently integrated owl into my project and I’m struggling to make or find any working .yml file for a Travis CI repo that includes owl. Here’s my current .travis.yml file (broken).

From the owl docs:

There is a known issue when installing Owl on ubuntu-based distribution. The reason is that the binary distribution of BLAS and LAPACK are outdated and failed to provide all the interfaces Owl requires. You will need to compile openblas by hand, and use the appropriate environment variables to point at your newly compiled library. You can use `owl’s docker file as a reference for this issue.

Could you please help me fix my .travis.yml file?

If you really need to use ubuntu for the testing, the easiest approach is to rely on custom Docker images. I can give you more information in case you need them.

If ubuntu is not a hard constraint, you can use ocaml-ci scripts and rely on the opam2 images with debian-stable without issues (and I believe also alpine, centos and fedora), see for example https://github.com/owlbarn/owl_ode/blob/master/.travis.yml or https://github.com/mseri/ocaml-cviode/blob/master/.travis.yml