Threads Events - suggest how to learn them

Hello, can you suggest me some how to learn these topics?

The Event module is a straightforward port to OCaml of Reppy’s Concurrent ML. Supposedly a good place to learn more about it is his book “Concurrent Programming in ML”.


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I find the concept of Events and functionality provided by the module very useful, but I think that Event is rarely used. Do you happen to know why?

A good treatment of the topic is in the OCaml O’Reilly book: in English, in French.

[everything below is from quite-possibly-faulty memories, so please take it with a grain of salt]
My memory is that Xavier wrote that as a demonstration of the possibility of implementing CML-style events in OCaml. But also that the implementation did not have the same GC-safety properties that CML-in-SML had; to wit, it would be possible to create hung-but-not-GCable threads, b/c CML relied upon properties of the SML GC in order to achieve its GC-friendly properties.

This isn’t important for small examples, but when using CML-style events for serious systems, it becomes an issue (again, IIRC).