The status of modular implicits

Hello everybody,

What is the status of modular implicits now? Are going to have it in the main compiler anytime soon?

The design of modular implicits has not been fully finalized yet.
And there are still work being done on this front right now.

In other words, modular implicits are still a research project and it is far too early to speak of integration into the compiler.

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Is there anything that an external contributor might be able to do to help modular implicits along?

I am afraid that at this point in time, the design and theoretical issues can not be easily broken down in small tasks for external contributors.

It is certainly possible for an external contributor to publish research articles on the subject, write down full technical RFC, or work on becoming an OCaml type system expert (for instance by cleaning up the existing typechecker code).

However, with this level of involvement, it is quite probable that you will no longer be a external contributor by the time you make contributions on modular implicits.