Taciturn yet severe compiler talks 'Syntax Error'

When the compiler chokes on my errings, It can at times simply say “Syntax Error” .

There’s not a clue , line or anything about types that usually helps. Again, this is not customary but sometimes

I am sure you see the same messages .

What is the category of errors that triggers such a blunt message ?

Open question. Is it always feasible to print a useful message ? Maybe writing gibberish is an input that a compiler can’t have an opinion on .

Hi, you can keep an eye on this ticket to track the effort to fix the ‘Syntax error’ messaging: https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/issues/5068

Btw, usually there is a line and column number accompanying the syntax error. Could you post your full error output from the compiler, maybe we can help you find it.

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Ha! Thanks indeed, it’s the place to contribute for these ‘Syntax Error’ banners.

In future errors that can’t be thought through for sure :face_with_monocle::slightly_smiling_face: