Stitch - Note Managing for Messy Minimalists

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a cli tool built in OCaml I’ve been working on, in part made possible with the help of the community. :slight_smile:

The tool is called stitch, and is a minimal note-managing tool that aims to be a good unix citizen. It allows you to take notes in whatever format/editor you want while spending minimal time organizing them.

I built it using Cmdliner, Notty and Shexp. I’m drafting a longer writeup to share the challenges and general experience, but in short all three libraries were a bit short on examples but ultimately excellent and very easy to work with. Afterward, packaging everything turned out to be a bit harder.

Some screenshots: overview, todo, full-notes.

And link to repo:

It’s still in its early days and the code-base is a bit messy. But I use it as my daily driver for notes. :slight_smile: