Static website generators?

Are there any static site generators people particularly like that are written in OCaml? I’m about to set up a web site for the NYC Formal Verification meetup and now that I’m an OCamler using a Ruby based one seems wrong. :slight_smile:

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Hi ! I know :

Personnaly, I use Hakyll (in Haskell).

Canopy is a PoC which uses MirageOS’s framework. It stills experimental and you need to pin irmin and a branch of it but it works :slight_smile: ! If you are interesting by it, we can do something to be usable by people.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend using it; it is quite basic, and I’m not convinced by its design anymore. It should still work though (I use it for my webpage).

I use Canopy on (with an old irmin, and some branch of Canopy). Once irmin 2.0 is released, this should be in a better shape :slight_smile:

Canopy itself uses omd (; other generators are (IIUC deprecated, but still used for and

Logarion is written in Ocaml.

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