State of static site generators in 2023


I wrote my personal website a few years ago in Gatsby. It’s a dumpster fire that breaks on literally every text update.
Is there something referencing the current state of the art with static site generators in OCaml? I’d rather work with OCaml code than this JS spaghetti nightmare.

OCaml or Reason or Rescript or Melange or whatever else, I’m happy with all. I do like the idea of reusable React components, but honestly for what I’m doing, I probably can avoid JS entirely.

There’s a few posts about static site generators on this discuss, but nothing less than 3 years old. I’d prefer something actively maintained, and I’m very happy with the answer “unfortunately, there isn’t any at the time”.




I don’t know about the state of the art, but here are two I remember:


I should also probably add the ones I found prior to creating this thread:

  • finch, announced in 2020, but seems to not have had a release since
  • stone, last update last year
  • stog, last release last year

I personally use YOcaml and I am satisfied with it. YOcaml is a bit complicated to use but well documented and provided with a tutorial and several examples.


From what I’m seeing, Yocaml seems to be the right answer for my personal usecase.
Let’s keep this thread running, it could come in handy for anyone with the same question :slight_smile:

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I have a static site generator called Camyll. It’s an executable, not a library, because I don’t like the approach of making the user write a program to use the static site generator. It has an opinionated input format. Camyll isn’t used much, but I use it to build its docs site and my personal site. Camyll supports syntax highlighting of an arbitrary language by dropping a TextMate grammar in a directory, and it also recognizes Literate Agda Markdown files. The interface is still prone to change, and I’m open to feedback from other users on how to improve it.

I would like to extend the usage of yocaml by a support of Git. Indeed, after the generation of the website, you can simply push everything into a Git repository (like the gh-pages of your GitHub repository). It permits also to use our unipi unikernel to serve the static website (the unikernel will loads the Git repository and launch a simple HTTP server). If you are more interested by unikernels & yocaml, you can take look on my personal blog:


There is also sesame that uses the OCurrent ecosystem and produces more tools for writing incremental site generators with hot-reloading if you want it.

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