StackOverflow developer survey

OCaml was not one of the language choices presented in the 2021 Stackoverflow developer’s survey. Maybe if enough people write it in as an “other” language, it will be included next year.


Even APL is on the top of the list :wink:

Groovy is in the list too!

And the survey is so lengthy. I climb five storeys daily, but I have never felt this exhausted.

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That’s not a specific ocaml problem, it’s a cultural problem affecting all niche languages that imposes a penalty to all curious / adventurous people.
Here are some forgotten good languages i am fluent with :

  • Eiffel (a class language)
  • oberon / component-pascal
  • smalltalk / squeak / pharos
  • prolog / datalog
  • scheme
  • forth / joy / factor (concatenative languages)
  • Amiga-E (a C-like language)
  • amigaguide (a markup language)
  • REXX (a scripting language)

Narrow-minded surveys greatly under-estimate the value of language adventurers / designers.