Sorry, in-package search is not yet implemented, but this is where it's going to appear

Sorry, in-package search is not yet implemented, but this is where it’s going to appear

This enigmatic message appears on the top of every package documentation page on

Needless to say, in-package search would really help. Does anybody know when we might get this goodie? Every time I’m checking out package docs (whose overall look/layout is quite excellent, I must say) I’m reminded about what I’m missing.

Can anybody tell us when we might get it :slight_smile: ?

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I want to make the already existing module tree (from the documentation sidebar) searchable via the search bar in this quarter - that’s why we’re already reserving the space in the layout. Please don’t be too excited when the search bar suddenly allows you to type - we don’t have an index of all items inside a package yet. :see_no_evil:

Emitting package indexes from odoc is in active development. We can’t make an exact promise when the full in-package search functionality will appear, though, as not to put too much pressure on the people involved - there’s a lot on everyone’s plate. :slight_smile:

(Tbh, this feature is so important that having a visible reminder that we want this to happen is probably a good thing. Thanks for confirming how much anticipated this feature is - it means we’re pushing for the right thing. :grin:)

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There’s a couple of issues tracking this in case you are interested in following development:

In the mean time, I can shamelessly suggest as a way of searching the opam packages documentation :stuck_out_tongue:

@sabine > The wip message does jump out a lot right now! May I suggest adding an opacity:25% to make it more discrete while the feature is missing? :smiley:


Here’s a tiny bit of a glimpse behind the scenes on the staging server (which currently doesn’t have package docs - sorry): irmin 3.6.1 (latest) · OCaml Package. We’re exploring how it would feel like when we integrate Sherlodoc via its work-in-progress API (IMO it’s really promising as long as we’re on a low-latency connection).

At this point it’s still open whether we integrate Sherlodoc as a HTTP API accessed from the browser, or whether we will end up having an in-browser search that loads the index and then every search is resolved (instantly!) on the client-side. Both are valid options with different tradeoffs.


In-browser search requires JavaScript front-end work. So it’s likely that solution will take some additional development time?

Maybe can simply roll out the HTTP API version initially? In-package search for is very much missed. Having something working there now, even though it may not be optimal, will be very much welcome.

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Indeed, the goal is to get at least a working, minimal prototype out there quickly because the package documentation will be so much more useful with search. :slight_smile: