Similar issue when installing LLVM via OPAM, on Debian 11

Well, since I cannot get llvm installed on windows, so I switched to Debian instance on GCP.
…And I encounter very similar problem.
I guess it’s still PATH set up problem. Any suggesion on how to fix it?

Do you have llvm-13-dev package installed?

If not, on Debian do apt install llvm-13-dev.

Thx, it works!
Now I just need to figure which path do I need to add s.t. llc can be called.

I see you solved the issue, let me add this for future reference: your system has opam 2.0.8, which does not install system dependencies automatically. You can have them installed also upgrading to a more recent opam 2.1+ or using opam depext llvm


Debian is still on 2.0.8.

Maybe the get started’s installation method in Get Up and Running With OCaml · OCaml Tutorials

For Linux the preferred way is to use your system’s package manager on Linux (e.g apt-get install opam or similar). Details of all installation methods.

should be replaced with the one in opam - Install or just a link to it without any reference to package manager.