[Show] I'm building a mailing list platform with Ocsigen

Hi everybody!

I’ve been working on a mailing list platform for the past few months in my spare time, and I thought I would share it here since I’m building the project using Ocsigen.

The project is still in early stages, but I hope the community finds this interesting.




is it rather a major domo or a newsletter sender?

Great! Keep us informed and do not hesitate to ask questions about Ocsigen.

Mainly for newsletters and email marketing right now.

Nice! How’s the experience been? Guess I’m really looking for your personal highlights and your worst pains.

I’d like to next pick up a new or less familiar language that ideally has a productive web framework. I’ve mulled over a few options now: Phoenix (elixir), ocsigen, IHP (Haskell), and the F# stack.

It has been great using js_of_ocaml to build this. The ability to write everything in ocaml and only use the Node/Dom/Dom_html parts from js_of_ocaml when necessary feels much better than using js directly. I’m making heavy use of shared modules between the client and server side, and this flows very nicely in eliom. The only difficult part for me happens sometimes when I’m debugging js_of_ocaml to fix a bug in the front end of the application, but this could just be b/c I’m not a web developer, so my knowledge of js and debugging js in the browser is limited in the first place.