Senior software engineer at Asemio in Tulsa, OK

We are Asemio and our team of data scientists, software engineers, architects, and management consultants are working together to achieve a nationwide data ecosystem for social good.

You’ll be working on the Asemio Community Integration Platform. It features state-of-the-art privacy-preserving, pre-processing and pipeline management, as well as record linkage technology.

The back end is written in OCaml. The front end is compiled from OCaml to JavaScript and uses a modern MVC framework. The work you’ll be doing will touch numerous technical disciplines, including cryptography, distributed systems, language design and implementation, data analytics, and data visualizations.

We prefer candidates willing to relocate, but we could make an exception for an exceptional candidate.

For more information or to apply, please refer to our SE listing:


Curious to know more about your ocaml tech stack - which libs/framework do u use? With regards to front end do u use jsoo or bucklescript? Similarly what libs do u use in you back end?

The backend is Core, Lwt, Cohttp, Angstrom. Some others too, of course.
The frontend is JSOO, I’ve been experimenting with lately and I’m extremely impressed.

Being “fullstack” isn’t expected, we’ll let you work on what you do best.

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I’m curious to hear how well positioned you think ocaml is for secure multi party computation. I see inpher and building in this space as well.