Self defined Operator not allowed

When trying to build owl wiht Ocaml 4.05.0 I am getting following error:

File "src/base/core/owl_operator.mli", line 198, characters 8-9:
Error: Syntax error: operator expected.

referring to the line:
val ( .!{} ) : ('a, 'b) M.t -> Owl_types.index list -> ('a, 'b) M.t

Do I need to switch to a newer Ocaml-Version?
Alternatively could I replace the Operator by a valid characters-sequence?
What would be one?


Owl requires Ocaml ≥4.06 due to its use of custom indexing operators.

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ok, thank you.
I will see how far I come with
opam switch set 4.06.0
Unfortunately all dependencies need to be installed again.