Second opam hacking afternoon for OCaml 5.0.0 on Friday 2

With the release of the second beta for OCaml 5.0.0, I have even more time to spend updating opam packages to make them compatible with OCaml 5.0 .

I am thus planning to have a second open hacking session experiment for opam packages on Friday afternoon starting at 16h00 Paris time. If people are interested to join me to do some live opam package fixing, you are very welcome.

Currently, I am planning to work with a manually updated synchronization note at: Opam package hacking afternoon for OCaml 5: 2022/12/02 - HackMD .


A little assistance to see what that means for your location: Time Converter and World Clock - Conversion at a Glance - Pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and phone calls.

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Note that I will be hanging out in the voice chat of the OCaml discord server at OCaml .

First patch done!

Now that rope works, I can get back to rlp.

Thanks @octachron @mseri @kit-ty-kate for the chat and help.

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I have send a fix for gsl-ocaml at OCaml 5.0 compatibility by Octachron · Pull Request #36 · mmottl/gsl-ocaml · GitHub, I hope that the next fix will have less C bindings using deprecated function names.

I have sent a small fix for PGOCaml at GitHub - darioteixeira/pgocaml: PG'OCaml provides an interface to PostgreSQL databases for OCaml applications. It uses Camlp4 to extend the OCaml syntax, enabling one to directly embed SQL statements inside the OCaml code. .

I have started to look at camlimages, but there are quite a few C bindings to fix, so it will take some more time to patch all of those for OCaml 5.0 .

By the way, looks like this needs to be updated (most of them were done already): OCaml 5.0 Release Readiness · Issue #21526 · ocaml/opam-repository · GitHub

I’d like to point out to camomile which is in dire need of a OCaml 5 update. There are two PRs pending, one of which I wrote.

With due respect to the original author, I have been considering doing a fork of it and I would love to see if this could be done in a community-oriented fashion. My two immediate goals would be:

  • Update the package to support OCaml 5.
  • See if it is possible to embed the shared character data files instead of having to rely on the local filesystem storage.

There is a fix for OMake ready to merge and release. It just needs its maintainers to do the bureaucracy.