Searching all libraries , all modules all functions for relevant keywords

Let’s say i have mathematical problem. I need to work in a Galois 2^8 field.
I can re-invent the wheel. But chances are someone was before me.
Currently i use google to search form “ocaml & galois”.
Is there a web interface to to modules/functions/libraries (like for instance java) ? Search for keywords.
And suppose i find a library, then comes to problem, i must be able to use it. Without ever having looked into the head of the person who wrote the library.
Which assumptions did the person made for the usage of the library ? For which context the library was written etc …

you can try

opam list -a | grep -i field

Would like to highlight

There’s also odig: [ANN] Odig 0.0.7, lookup documentation of installed OCaml packages

Lastly there’s opam-grep: [ANN] opam-grep: search through the sources of all the packages in opam-repository

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Adding to, this is currently in alpha, but you can use for now.

@ readers from the future: the above link will probably not work in the future. You have been warned.

There is some Galois 2^8 stuff in the reed-solomon-erasure package, but not sure if very relevant Darren / ocaml-reed-solomon-erasure · GitLab

And in qrc.