Running alcotest tests without verbose flag

I’m trying to use alcotest to test some code with the following types and test function. However, unless I use the "--verbose" flag in argv when calling the Alcotest run function, I get no output, even if there are lots of test failures. Using the "--verbose" flag everything displays fine.

type test = { citation : string option
            ; caption  :  string option
            ; expected : Sexp.t option
            ; program  :  string} [@@deriving sexp]

type suite = { title : string
             ; reference : string option
             ; tests : test list } [@@deriving sexp]

(** Apply functions to the test programs in a suite *)
let test (s:suite) ~f =
  let open Alcotest in
  let sexp = testable Sexp.pp Sexp.equal in
  let test_set = List.mapi s.tests ~f:(fun i test ->
      let name = match test.caption with Some s -> s | None -> Int.to_string i in
      let exp = match test.expected with Some s -> s | None -> Sexp.Atom "" in
      let fn = fun () -> (check sexp) name exp (f test.program) in
      (name, `Quick, fn)
    ) in
  let argv = Array.of_list ["--verbose"] in
  run s.title ~argv [("Suite", test_set)]

I wonder if it’s related to how I’m calling test, using Command from a separate file, where Model is the module containing the bulk of the project code:

let test =
    ~summary:"Run the test cases from the given file"
      +> anon ("filename" %: file)
      ++ common )
    ( fun filename debug verbose () ->
        let open Test in
        let suite = from_filename filename in
        let runner = (fun s -> Model.of_string s |> Model.to_sexp ) in
        test ~f:runner suite )