Run Your Owl Computation on TensorFlow

Recently are looking at computation interoperability of Owl with existing libraries such as TensorFlow. Our target is to have the best of both worlds. On one hand, we can define “how to compute” on Owl with its elegant and powerful syntax; on the other hand, we can execute the computation efficiently across various hardware devices, such as GPU and TPU, that TensorFlow supports.

We decide that computation graph, rather than neural network graph, should be the fundamental abstraction. Based on this decision, we build an experimental converter system. It aims to export CGraph defined in Owl and execute it in TensorFlow. This system centres around the abstraction of TensorFlow computation graph, and how to map Owl computation graph to it. Our system utilises the Save and Restore mechanism in TensorFlow to provide a concise workflow.

Currently we are actively developing the system. Thought still quite limited at the initial phase, the system has shown its potential in real-world examples, including deep neural network inference and algorithmic differentiation.

Please see this article for detail:

Any feedback is much appreciated!