[RFC] OCamlPro's opam cheat sheet, with a new theme!

Dear OCamlers,

Earlier, we dusted-off our language and stdlib cheat-sheets. Because we wanted teachers to be able to give those cheats to their students as quickly as possible, we missed a few typos (special thanks to @hannes, @spop, @Khady, @holmdunc and narimiran for their keen eyes).

With more time, we managed to design an opam cheat sheet we are proud of. It is organized in two pages: the first page addresses the everyday average opam use, the second one aims at peculiar advanced use cases (opam-managed project, publishing, repository maintenance, etc.).

Moreover, with the help of listings, we tried the use of colors to enhance the readability. For now we welcome all suggestions and fixes, so as to do a proper release by the end of November. The PR is here.

Note also that there is a lot of space left. The blank space at the end can be used to note your own peculiar commands. In any case do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

So here is the feedback we’d particularly appreciate:

  • @AltGr and @rjbou, the lead opam developers, designed this cheat sheet so as to shed light on some important functionalities (some I even discovered even though I speak daily with them). If a command you find useful is not in this cheat-sheet, let us know and we’ll add it. Feel free to ask for clarification and/or expansion of the manual.

  • Also, any feelings about the brand new LaTeX theme we just crafted? Let us know!

Happy hacking!

Note: If you come to one of our next training session, you’ll get a free cheat-sheet! Isn’t that a bargain?


I was suggested to give a pdf version of the sheet for ease of review: here it is!


The opam cheat-sheet is now published in its final form.

You can get the colored and black-and-white versions from our website.

Happy hacking!