'Required module Setcore is unavailable' when building coccinelle.1.0.0-rc24

Hi all.

I am completely new to ocaml, and this is my first post.

I am having loads of problems to building coccinelle package. I need to build exactly this version: https://opam.ocaml.org/packages/coccinelle/coccinelle.1.0.0-rc24/ (as it is part of other package I am building).

The problem is that I am building on ArchLinux with ocaml 4.06.0, and it continously fails. I have solved first a problem about num package (that is not included now in core as far as I know), then a problem with the path of the bundled parmap module, but finally I hit a wall I cannot cross, with the following error:

Error: Required module `Setcore’ is unavailable

Setcore module is part of the bundled parmap library, but I don’t know why, it cannot find the module. I have setcore.cmi and setcore.mli files, but I’m assuming I miss something (maybe a setcore.cmx file?).

I would be very grateful if someone could provide me directions about how to build this library.

you need to install a recent version of parmap.

opam update && opam install parmap

If parmap is bundled with coccinelle (this is bad), then you probably need
to update the version that is bundled

Thank you very much for help!

In the end I solved this by installing through opam version 4.01.0 of the compiler. With this version, is builds OK. But I am wondering why I got the “Required module `Setcore’ is unavailable” error.

I don’t know the details, but setcore is something installed by parmap to enable core pinning.

I’ve got the same issue. It’s Ubuntu 18.04, tried both ways - used system versions of ocamlbuild, libparmap, etc., and used received using opam. Both cases give me the same message. What can I do? On Ubuntu 16.04 it works fine, with 18.04 got this problem.

Ask the coccinelle people to provide you with a self extracting archive prepared
by the opam-bundle tool. This is a failsafe way to install ocaml software from source.

I created a coccinelle v1.0.2 bundle and OCaml 4.02.3.
This link will be valid 30 days:
Be patient, when you execute it: opam bundles take a long time to install. Because, it will even install an OCaml compiler for you.