Request for permission to translate the OCaml manual into Chinese on GitHub

[update] Okay, I have gotten the permission from Dr. Leroy. I am starting this translation project. The translation is hosted at Creating an organization named “ocaml-cn” to host this translation and other materials may sound better. Thus, I am going to contact other Chinese OCaml fans to have a discussion about it.

Hello, I find that there are few OCaml learning materials written in Chinese. The tutorials in Chinese on the are out-of-date (I have updated the Maybe I will update other parts ). There are only two books related to OCaml: “Real World OCaml (Chinese Edition)” and “Fundamental Tutorials of OCaml Programming (Gang Chen, Jing Zhang)”. So, I’m wondering if I can translate the OCaml manual into Chinese to give the Chinese OCaml learners a better way to learn about OCaml in depth. I would like to put the translated files in a GitHub repo so that others can review my translation easily and timely.

I think that the License of OCaml manual does not restrict the translation. However, it says:

Any translation or derivative work of the OCaml documentation and user’s manual must be approved by the authors in writing before distribution.

Thus, I am wondering, is an on-going translation in a public repo a kind of distribution?
Shall I send an email to the mailing list, or directly send an email to Dr. Leroy to ask for permission?

Thanks for replying. Moreover, here is a sample of my translation:

  • original:


This manual documents the release 4.07 of the OCaml system. It is organized as follows.

  • Part I, “An introduction to OCaml”, gives an overview of the language.
  • Part II, “The OCaml language”, is the reference description of the language.
  • Part III, “The OCaml tools”, documents the compilers, toplevel system, and programming utilities.
  • Part IV, “The OCaml library”, describes the modules provided in the standard library.


OCaml runs on several operating systems. The parts of this manual that are specific to one operating system are presented as shown below:

Unix: This is material specific to the Unix family of operating systems, including Linux and MacOS X.

Windows: This is material specific to Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).

  • translation:


该手册记录了 OCaml 系统 4.07 版本的相关信息。其结构组织如下:

  • 第一部分,“OCaml 简介”,将提供该语言的简要介绍。
  • 第二部分,“OCaml 语言”,给出该语言的使用参考说明。
  • 第三部分,“OCaml 工具”,记录了编译器、顶层系统和编程工具的相关信息。
  • 第四部分,“OCaml 库”,描述了标准库所提供的模块。


OCaml 可以在若干操作系统上运行。因此该手册中针对某一特定操作系统的部分如下所示:

Unix:这是仅针对 Unix 族的操作系统的材料,如 Linux 和 MacOS X。

Windows:这是仅针对 Microsoft Windows 操作系统(如 XP、Vista、7、8、10)的材料。


The person to ask for permission is indeed Xavier Leroy. I would write to him directly.

Thank you for your reply. :smiley: I have contacted Dr. Leroy and gotten his permission.


Note: as of today the OCaml manual (starting with the future release 4.10) has been relicensed under CC-BY-SA, so this question should be easier to deal with in the future.