Replacement for Opam Weather Service

I used the Opam Weather Service in the past, but it seems to be no longer available.

I had the impression that a similar system was still available somewhere, but I can’t find it (maybe it was just one of @AltGr’s presentations?). I’d like to be able to get an overview of which builds are broken, e.g. for older packages so that I could try to add proper constraints to them, and prevent opam from occasionally finding exotic combinations when I’d like it to find none.

Is there currently a way to see which packages are broken, other than by uploading a new one to opam-repository?

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There are several services being developed at the moment. One that you might want to have a look (and that is available right now) is this one: [ANN] opam-check-all: Are your packages broken for the upcoming OCaml releases?

Feel free to leave any comments, I’ll try my best to resolve them.

I believe this is the one I’ve seen some time ago and couldn’t find again. Thanks!

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