Release of Stdcompat 5

It is my pleasure to announce a new release (#5) of Stdcompat!

Stdcompat is a compatibility module for OCaml standard library,
available from OCaml 3.07 to OCaml 4.07.0 (that is to say, the whole
spectrum of OCaml compilers available in OPAM).

Stdcompat.* redefines (most of the) symbols available in OCaml 4.07.0
standard library, such as List.find_opt, floatarray, Uchar.t, Seq.t,
result, etc.

Stdcompat has no dependency! Former versions used to rely on cppo but
the preprocessing is now done by a ./configure script (generated with

OPAM packages result, seq, uchar are optional dependencies: if they
are installed, types declared by stdcompat are compatible with the
types these packages declare.

Stdcompat can be opened in the beginning of a module: its signature
follows the signature of the standard library, including the new
Stdlib module.

Github repository:
Available in OPAM: opam install stdcompat

Happy hacking!