Release of naboris 0.1.0 a simple http server

I could use input on the API and the documentation. Working on trying to improve both at the moment.

The goal was to create a very simple library for building RESTful type of web servers. Make it very easy to manage handle request/response lifecycle and sessions.

In my opinion this type of web server is a great entry point for new developers looking to explore the OCaml/Reason world.

Recently I have fallen in love with OCaml and Reason, and as a mostly web centered developer I’ve found this area quite lacking. I’m still new to the language and eco system so any guidance would be highly appreciated!


Wow! It seems we had much the same idea–OCaml/Reason more accessible to web developers new to the ecosystem :smiley: I’ve been working on something very similar:


There is also opium
And morph that has similar goals.

It would be nice if we could either create a shared core that all could build from or collaborate on one.

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Morph! :heart_eyes:

I do think variety is a good thing at this point though. And I believe we all use httpaf under the hood.

However, collaboration would be sweet.

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Why have an engineer do in one month what could be achieved by two engineers in two months?

(paraphrasing the original quote which I’m too lazy to look up; the idea is that collaboration is the hardest problem in engineering)