Protocol buffers and parametric polymorphism

Is there anybody here who would like to discuss parametric polymorphism and protocol buffers? I’ve had some musings, and while I think it would be “too much noise” to share them on this discussion forum (maybe I’m wrong :wink: I think maybe there might be some people who are interested?

Basically, what is the minimal way to extend protobufs with parametric polymorphism in such a manner that it can coexist nicely with languages (like Ocaml) ?

DM me if you’d like, and I can send you direct email.

Curiously, I met the similar problem some time ago. In case of protobuf it often means you have to access only some common fields but not the others, if you meant that. But OCaml doesn’t allow subtyping, so the only way is to functorize the operations.