Print bytes as hexadecimal

I’m trying to find a function to convert a bytes into hexadecimal. This is in order to manually compare a tcp packet with one captured via wireshark.

Checking the interface on Bytes it doesn’t look like one exists, however I am most likely mistaken.
This package?

Like this?

        OCaml version 4.06.1

# Printf.sprintf "0x%02x" 33 ;;
- : string = "0x21"
# Printf.sprintf "%02x" 255 ;;
- : string = "ff"

An other project is hxd available on OPAM which wants to mimic xxd and adds colors.

I use it to debug some Git flows with tcpdump and it gives me a way to produce regression tests then when it can generate Caml code.

Note that @pqwy recently contributed combinators in Fmt for hexdumping. See here.

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