[ppx_type_conv][solved] Declare deriver arguments as attributes

I’m looking for the way to specify some options as attributes in a place where I specify a deriver, for example, [@@deriving name { option1; something; else_}. I have found some examples about declaring attributes more deeply in the type declaration but it seems not what I want.

The git repo of ppx_type_conv already has the test for it but I can’t find any test target to check it.

I’m not sure what’s going on with that record-style argument, because the syntax I’m used to seeing - including what’s currently documented for bin_shape, and what I could get to work just now in utop - uses labeled arguments. But you can see how the arguments are specified for that ppx driver (the labeled argument version, I mean) here.

@Levi_Roth, thanks, it was a useful link!