Ppx_make a ppxlib based make deriver

I recently wrote ppx_make and now it is available on opam! This package is not a direct reimplement of the make deriver in ppx_deriving, but very similar. It has several differences (the list might not be complete):

  • add support for option: val make_t : ?value:t -> unit -> t
  • add support for tuple: val make_t : ?v0 -> ?v1 -> ... -> unit -> t
  • add support for variant, including embedded record: make_choice_name_of_t : ... -> unit -> t
  • add support for multiple [@main] in record
  • unit is required for all make function unless [@main] presents. This is to ensure forward-compatibility
    • i.e. the use of the make of { a:int; b:int } will work with the make of { a:int; b:int; c:int option }
  • ditch the [@split]
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